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Boston Blackie

Boston Blackie was a highly popular crime-detective drama broadcast from 1944 to 1950. The series started out as a summer replacement on NBC for The Amos 'n' Andy Show. The series was very well received and became a successful hit after its debut. Chester Morris starred as the main character Boston Blackie, a charming and competent private detective. Richard Lane played his opposite, Inspector Faraday. Lesley Woods portrayed Blackie's girlfriend and secretary, Mary Wesley.

Boston Blackie always solves cases before his arch nemesis, the humorless, harebrained Police Inspector, Faraday. Blackie never misses the chance to poke fun at Faraday who tries to trap him or thwart his investigation at every turn. However, Blackie always manages to make a miserable fool of Faraday. The dynamic between Blackie and Faraday is often hilarious and central to each show's plot.

In the show's opening, Blackie is described as "a modern Robin Hood, a little on the gangster side, wise to all the tricks but always reversing to do a lot of good." He is the "enemy to those who make him an enemy, friend to those who have no friend."

There are 194 shows in our collection! Date Aired
The Rockwell Diamond June 23, 1944
Fifty Hunter Street June 30, 1944
Old Lady Forced To Steal August 11, 1944
The Star of the Nile July 14, 1944
Polly Morrison's Gun Collection July 28, 1944
Black Market Meat Ring July 21, 1944
Alice Manleder Dead or Alive August 4, 1944
Simmon's Construction Murder November 29, 1945
The Case of the Three-Way Split July 23, 1945
Copy of the Diamond Bracelet October 11, 1945
The Worthington Pearls July 9, 1945
Hypnotic Murder August 6, 1945
Richard's Diamond Case October 25, 1945
Kingston Unlucky At Cards October 4, 1945
Evelyn Jones Murder August 13, 1945
Blackie Jilts Mary July 2, 1945
Sam Bellows Is Dead June 18, 1945
Mary Disappears November 1, 1945
Blood on Blackies Sleeve September 20, 1945
Bill Crane Attorney September 13, 1945
Blackie's Car Kills a Woman July 16, 1945
Boxer's Murder Case October 18, 1945
Mary at Sea July 30, 1945
The Larry Brown Case June 25, 1945
Oscar Wolfe - Troublemaker June 11, 1945

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